Choice IP is a world leader in IP filings across the globe. Trademarks are a critical component in any global business.

Choice IP maintains associates in over 100 regions with competitive rates from high quality firms around the world. Working closely with selected firms around the world, has given Choice IP an edge in the international market. It is often difficult to find good quality vetted firms in some of the less developed countries, and this can lead to companies choosing to abandon their IP in future markets or losing their rights based on technicalities. We provide our clients with a unique opportunity to send a single set of instructions and protect their trademarks in all required regions.

Branding is critical for any company. The largest companies in the world are in a constant battle with counterfeiters who look to take advantage of their brand and the quality they have put forward. It is critical to have strong firms to support and aid in protection of the company brand.

Let Choice IP be there to help with your next trademark.