The Choice IP Advantage

Choice IP is an industry leader which provides a smarter foreign filing platform. We successfully assist law firms and corporations by streamlining their process and reducing their administrative burden. Choice IP adds a level of quality oversight to the process while maintaining a highly competitive cost structure that is often 30% less than pursuing the services of foreign agents directly.

Companies are looking for innovative alternatives to the conventional foreign filing process. The ever-increasing expense and complexity of that process makes Choice IP the ideal foreign filing solution for companies and firms seeking to maximize their foreign filing budget.

Through years of experience working with hundreds of companies and law firms, our staff has honed its expertise in the field and created a fluid system geared to providing our clients with peace of mind and confidence that their most valued possessions are protected.

Ultimately, we strive to exceed expectations for client satisfaction. One set of filing instructions allows clients to file across the world, stay within a reasonable budget and save valuable time and energy.