Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s best-known brands.

Choice IP has become a “go to” for many of my partners as their rates are tough to beat. That combined with having a one-stop shop makes my life a lot easier. They are extremely transparent – I can have them pull a full estimate (usually a hard estimate) for as many countries as my clients would like and that is useful to me as I don’t need to separately ask each of the different foreign firms I work with. I work with a number of entrepreneurs, so those estimates, efficiency, and single point of contact works quite well. Choice IP has helped turn a somewhat daunting and annoying process into a fairly smooth decision making process for my clients.

Vance V. VanDrake

The team at Choice IP is really on top of their game.  They have provided us with good service time and again and I would certainly recommend them to others seeking filing services.  We have used other companies in the past but have found them to anticipate our needs and provide us with good value for our clients.  They have been able to coordinate some large scale filing on our behalf saving us resources and saving our clients money.

Ellen Boermeester
IP Manager

Finding a partner you can trust internationally is a difficult process.  Choice IP has made it easy.  They work with top level firms around the world and are able to meet very tight deadlines and specific requirements.  We have relied on them for a number of projects and have been happy with the work product.  Their staff has been responsive and easy to deal with.

Aditi Vehghlot
Senior Vice President of IP

As a prominent firm in Sweden, it is important to us to get great and responsive service.  Choice IP has been a partner of ours for the last number of years and has provided great value, timely responses and competitive pricing.  We plan to maintain a strong relationship with them in the future.

Johan Ortenblad
Patent Attorney

Choice IP has been an excellent resource for me and my clients. They have been professional and quick to respond. They help make the national phase process easy whether we are filing into a few countries or large scale filings. They are a trusted partner who can be relied upon for even tight deadlines.

Ronny Fogel
Patent Attorney

The team at Choice IP is very responsive.  We have found them time and again to be able to meet our needs.  Their network of associates are responsive as well.  They have helped save our clients money and our firm time in the process.  They are a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Marganit (Maggie) Goldraich
CEO and Patent Attorney

We have worked with Choice IP for several years and have found them to be attentive to detail and help reduce our overall workload.  They are quick to respond and the pricing is competitive.

Dr. Claas Junghans

Choice IP has been helpful in streamlining the foreign filing process and acting as a single point of contact for filing in all regions. They have successfully coordinated filings for us on many occasions into a wide range of regions.

Dr. Vipin Dhanorkar
Vice President, Global IP & Corporate Strategy

Choice IP has proven to be an extremely reliable partner to our firm. Their case managers are highly responsive and professional. Every member of the Choice IP team is a pleasure to work with.

Yoshiteru Mizumoto
Patent Attorney

Choice IP prides itself on the network of associates it has established.

Our relationships include many of the most respected and recognized firms around the world.